What Will I be Able to Hear, Read, and Track on Map?

Listen To Calls

Listen to the Calls & Hear What's Happening in the Room

Hear the Calls

Every call is recorded; you can listen to the recordings. Or you can listen to calls live while they're happening.


Listening in the Room

Every cell phone is a listening device. You can listen in the room even if the cell phone is turned off.

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Read Texts & Emails

Read Every Text & Email

Read the Texts

Every text is recorded. You can read every text from your online viewing area.


Read the Emails

Every email is copied. You can read every email.

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Track All Locations

Track their Location on a Map

State of the Art Technology

Makes finding the location of the cell phone a breeze.


See the Locations

You can even follow the cell phone on a map.

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How it Works

How it Works

Load the Software on the Phone

The software is not detectable.


The Cost of Not Knowing is Just Too High

Private detectives are too expensive a solution when a simple yes or no answer is only a few clicks away.

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